China Spring Company Help Animals Nationwide with Green Flooring

China Spring Company Help Animals Nationwide with Green Flooring

What does China Spring have in common with zoo animals?Hometown-webslider-zoo-1

China Spring is home to a patented product called Lay-A-Weigh Rubber. Developed and made by Joseph Grubic, a resident of China Spring.

This amazing product is used in high-traffic areas, including healthcare facilities, supermarkets, gymnasiums and sporting venues, but the flooring is more importantly targeted for the four-legged types.

Sydney Flooring Solutions, LLC, has patented a method for rubber flooring to provide an extremely cost-effective and a more durable alternative to flooring traditionally composed of multiple layers of rubber.

Grubic made this flooring so that it can withstand frequent traffic of heavy animals, including horses, cows, zoo animals, and more. And in return, make the animals more comfortable.

The patented flooring is best used in horse stall flooring, at zoos, veterinary hospitals, animal transport trailers, arena flooring, but also can be used in supermarkets, gyms and schools, and other commercial, institutional and sporting facilities.
This China Spring-made flooring also has outstanding sound-absorbing characteristics.

And its green.
“The rubber used is manufactured of 96% post-consumer recycled materials, namely scrap tires, which meet and exceed the requirements set forth in “Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government.” In life-cycle costs, rubber flooring continues to be the lowest cost alternative because of its longevity and easier, less expensive

maintenance,” Gruber states on the website.

Grubic moved to central Texas, from Illinois, in 1982.

He jokes,” At the time that the country was in recession and Texas offered work; spending the last 35 years of my 55-year life in central Texas offers me full Texas citizenship.”

“I am extremely proud to say my step children, Samantha and James Temple, are graduates of Chi­na Spring and both are First responders, Sam with the Weath­erford Fire Depart­ment and James with the Galveston Fire De­partment. That leaves Sydney, my daughter with Victoria, who is currently a seventh grader at CSISD. She excels at gymnastics and is on the cheer­leading squad. I hope she will continue the business of Sydney Flooring Solutions, LLC but seeing her big sister and brother’s call to service, her aspirations may be greater,” he states.

“Before founding Sydney Flooring So­lutions, LLC, I spent over twenty years in the zoo business. Starting at the former Central Texas Zoo, lo­cated by the airport. I came to the realization that the concrete sur­faces of the animals holding barns was quite detrimental to the animal’s quality of life especially for the larger animals.”

“Try and imagine a hippopotamus sleep­ing on a concrete sur­face.”

Grubic explains, “I formulated and pat­ented a system of rubber encapsulation resulting in a rubber­ized surface which removes the rigors of concrete. A testa­ment to the durability and longevity of our product can be found in the Buffalo New York elephant barn. Their elephants have been benefiting from our rubber floor since 2008.”

Grubic, a gradu­ate of Baylor, has in­stalled flooring at zoos all over the country and is headed back to San Diego for another install in October.

“I like to tell the story of Bag of Bones Babe, an elderly el­ephant in Arkansas, she has a crippled trunk and is among the sweetest elephants around. Prior to our arrival, she had spent the previous 30 years sleeping on concrete. When we left and headed back home to China Spring, I can assure you she had her first comfortable night’s sleep. And that’s where it is at. That rewarding feel­ing knowing we are positively impacting the animals’ quality of life in a mighty way.”

He ended with, “The icing on our cake is after our work we point that truck to China Spring.”

For more informa­tion on Sydney Floor­ing Solutions, LLC, visit http://iamfloored. com/index.html